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The only poison we let enter our minds is the poison of people telling use what we are suppose to be and what we are suppose to become, it’s so easy to fall to it. Want to be free, follow your heart otherwise be prepared to sacrifice your soul

My mind is racing, taking each corner faster and faster, it’s saying be free but my mind fights itself like water on the track, no no you can’t go any faster or you will slide out of control, but my body aches for the freedom, this snow this ice, the cold the wind, they stop me from just going for a run to sooth these emotions, my stomach twists as it goes through the s turns. Does my mind even know it’s destination?

So I guess I get to rant a bit tonight, for one I’m kinda frustrated with the people that treated me poorly in high school because I was different and now that I’m out I’m strong I’m moving forward and I have definitely improved and the people that actually seen that coming were the ones that accepted me, so now when I see those that treated me poorly and they act like they somehow get this second chance, no they don’t I’m not going to be pushed over I’m stubborn and if that kid you think is so pathetic and gross is suddenly something awesome and you want to give him a chance, to bad I’m to good for that shit we are all capable of improvement but never should you treat someone you don’t understand less then you would anyone else

This shit right here means 2 things that for one I was once again unable to sleep in like my weekend was planned for so now I guess that I may just set the alarm to go off tomorrow as I’m leave cause you know I’m kinda really Fucking defensive over my sleep that shit I never get so yay I’m going to wake those fuckers when I decide to leave fucktards I win my entertainment in lost sleep

Jarrid your going to get yourself killed, no as soon as the snow melts I’m free Iove to soar through the wind, I don’t have anyone waiting for me so as soon as that snow melts and those tires hit the first of pavement under my care as soon as I feel the wind against my jacket hear the wind passing my helmet…. The road straight ahead I will be at home going at my pace try and keep up, you can’t because if you could you would understand what it’s like to grow up in a cage, and that first drop of freedom it’s just like your first love expect instead of leaving you emotionally shattered and hurt it has the potential of killing you at a wrong turn, that is where my reality lies at that turn every time, do I make it around or do I crash and burn

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