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4chumblr, a ship, and a daughter. Both proud parents taching her on the fine arts of the troll. 4chan would teach her the harsh truths of life. Tumblr the beautiful lies…

She was concived on a thread that was on earlier this morning on /b/ and shared on Tumblr  about both sites joining forces and troll the web. Obviously the #feminism tag was not happy. Later this night, 4chumblr as a character was borned on /b/ as a teen and as a kid. Mayble later I’ll draw the teen version.

Guys what if are feet aren’t really called feet what if goats look at us and are like bitch why you cover your hooves with this shit, and just judge us because they feel like natural selection should have killed us off ages ago because we don’t have proper hooves

Started highschool and I always got hugs and I hardly ever needed them it was just like bam accept this hug or I’m going to rip your eyes out, now like I never get a hug, I could really use a fucking hug tonight can’t sleep with my head wanting to spin the fuck out

Sometimes it helps to lean on the people you don’t want to bother to help you with your problems, sometimes they know the situation better then you might think, I know that as long as I have been asking for help from people I normally wouldn’t want to bother that they have been willing to help and I guess that shows how much the people you normally forget really care

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