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Random thought of the night u want to get all the wire and just random shit and make like this long string that you plug in and a bunch of shit happens… Maybe once I got to school for ac and DC motors I’ll fulfil my dream of making Christmas decorations

There was once a kid named archaic, archaic like to play with buckets, full or empty it didn’t matter.
Archaic’s parents told him to be careful around the buckets that were full but he was always allowed to play with the empty ones.
Archaic was curious why his parents didn’t want him to play with the full buckets.
One day Archaic died
He didn’t drown, he died in bed, no his death had nothing to do with buckets, Archaic’s parents lived on a farm,a good one.
Archaic is a poison, the pails were filled with poison, small doses could never kill, but over time did enough damage it wasn’t the buckets, it was what was in the buckets. Archaic was a silly sheep.

The deeper we dig,
The worse things seem to be,
The deeper we dig,
We find parts of us we thought long dead,
The deeper we dig,
Makes to scab turn to a scar,
The deeper we dig,
Just goes to show how fucked up we get,
The deeper we dig doesn’t matter we all end up in a hole someone else digs

1 in the morning I would be lying if I said Ryan’s butt wasn’t on atleast a little bit of my mind…. There are other butts and Ryan doesn’t sell his like he should hence it doesn’t consume my mind….. I will live

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